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Our recognized expertise developing innovative workplace strategies and strategic facility plans coupled with our hands on project management skills, qualify us to provide these services for clients who need help navigating the myriad issues in strategizing and managing today’s workplace.

Granum was founded as a full-service design firm in 2011. The pandemic presented an opportunity for us to think anew about how we can best serve our clients, and it became clear that our expertise in workplace strategy, project management, and strategic planning would be most valuable to the many organizations striving to advance workplace strategies that address new realities of the office. 


Granum (noun): the site of the light reactions of photosynthesis in a leaf. 

The process of photosynthesis exemplifies the core principles of Granum. In our practice we work with clients to understand their unique requirements and ambitions. We respond with solutions that translate those thoughts and aspirations into strategies and plans that support business goals now and in the future. We are focused on rigorous thinking; exceptional service; and sustainable relationships with our clients and community.  

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