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FMC Corporation, one of the world's leading specialty chemical companies, selected Granum to work with them on a re-visioning of their office when the moved their headquarters to the FMC Tower at Cira Centre South. The new office provides long range solution for the corporation’s space needs while affording flexibility and adaptability.


FMC used this opportunity to transform their workplace to operate at its fullest potential and to allow people to do their best work. Previously housed in a traditional arrangement with mostly closed offices, the new light filled workplace incorporates more open space and takes full advantage of the dramatic 360˚ views of the city.


A variety of work settings from user reconfigurable team zones, huddle rooms, focus booths and relaxed social settings are provided to support employees’ choice of when, where and how they work to complete their tasks. A conference center with meeting spaces in varying sizes and configurations offers a number of space types supporting collaboration, training, and presentations. The company's new café functions as workspace and meeting areas for casual collaboration and is a crossroads for all departments. Office floors incorporate  large common areas at the east end with office space to the north and south. The west end is anchored by a “Quiet Car” area for heads down work in a communal setting. This flexible planning strategy with a variety of spaces infused with advanced technology allows employees to choose the best settings to be most productive.




280,000 SF



Philadephia, PA

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