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Subaru has called the Delaware Valley home since 1968.  In 2015 they embarked on a program to build a new headquarters in Camden.  The new facility would allow them to consolidate a number of locations in the region and develop a workplace aligned with their needs.


Granum worked with Subaru to define a new approach to workplace that incorporates current best practices and technology.  Knowing that user support and adoption of new ways of working are keys to the success of any new initiative, Granum developed a programming / discovery process that was inclusive and incorporated a broad spectrum of employees into the planning process from programming all the way through move-in.


An Employee Stakeholder Group (ESG) was established comprising representatives from each of the organizational units.  These individuals were charged with being the liaison to their groups for information collection and communication as the project developed.  Ultimately, they became the move coordinators once the facility was complete.


Prior to the new facility, Subaru’s workplace was a combination of perimeter offices and interior workstations.  Conference rooms were not conveniently located and the acoustics of the ones that existed were very poor.  The new headquarters provides a variety of space types and work settings so that staff can choose the most supportive place to accomplish tasks.  Informal areas for chance interactions and ideation were also included.


Other features include ample daylight throughout, a thoughtful approach to the acoustical environment, a broad range of conference spaces conveniently located, and on-site fitness and food service facilities. 

Subaru of America



250,000 SF



Camden, NJ

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